Remarkable Reading Recommendations — Just Released 2016

We hope you have been enjoying our Remarkable Reading Recommendations for Summer 2016! It’s hard to believe that we’re almost done. Just two more lists to go!

Here is our next installment. All of our posts have highlighted different books featured on the Scholastic 2016 Summer Reading Booklist. Each of our posts has focused on a different theme and has included a book for non-readers all the way through young adults.

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Selection #5 – Just Released

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “One’s mind, once outstretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” This is indeed true. It is important that we keep expanding our mind with new ideas. After all, how will learn anything new if we do not continue to learn and explore? These “just released” books are sure to become favorite in your family library!

Ages 0 – 2

J Baa Baa

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep by Jane Cabrera

Jane Cabrera has retold this classic nursery rhyme and has turned it into a delightful story of giving! The famous black sheep is friends with a little girl who loves to knit. As the sheep generously donates his coats to make gifts for others, his wool grows thinner and thinner. But there’s a special surprise in store for a sheep who gives freely to his friends. — $7.99 (board book)

Ages 3 – 5

J Night Animals

Night Animals by Gianna Marino

I love this bedtime story for little kids. It’s not your traditional bedtime story, but there’s nothing wrong with a little laugh before bed. When a jittery possum becomes scared of bumps in the night, he runs away to hide. More animals stumble upon him and each one joins him in hiding. It takes a very intelligent bat to point out that the animals are scared of themselves. This story teaches young readers that it’s okay to be scared and even animals get scared of the dark. — $12.80 (hard cover)

Ages 6 – 7

J Finding Winnie

Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear
by Lindsay Mattick & Sophie Blackall

Long before his adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood, a veterinarian rescued a poor baby bear in Canada and named her Winnie after his hometown of Winnipeg. Journey along as she experiences World War I and travels across the ocean to London, where a chance meeting with a young boy named Christopher Robin would inspire his father to create one of the most beloved characters of all time. — $9.45 (hard cover)

Ages 8 – 10

J Some Kind of Courage

Some Kind of Courage, by Dan Gemeinhart

Young Johnny has had a traumatic life. Still getting over the sudden loss of his parents and sister, he relies on his pony Sarah for comfort and support. Then Sarah is stolen away by a man who has no right to her. But Johnny is confident that he can get her back. He won’t lose her; he can’t lost her. After all, she’s the only family he has left. — $6.99 (paperback)

Ages 11 – 13

J George

George, by Alex Gino

George is struggling in middle school. When people look at George, they think they see a boy. But George knows deep inside that she’s really a girl. George is elated when her teacher announces their new class play — Charlotte’s Web. Then she finds out that her teacher won’t let her audition for Charlotte…because she’s a boy. George and her friend Kelly construct an elaborate plan that will help everyone see her for who she really is — a girl. This compelling story is a wonderful introduction to transgender culture. It will inspire you to believe in yourself and, above all things, love yourself for who you are. — $10.56 (hard cover)

Young Adult

J If I Was Your Girl

If I Was Your Girl, by Meredith Russo

Amanda is the new girl in school and, like any student, all she wants is to fit it. But it’s not easy when you’re harboring a secret like hers. When Amanda meets Grant, she feels compelled to open her heart and share her past with him. But will Grant stray away when he learns that Amanda was once Andrew? This beautiful story will inspire you to believe in love and to believe in yourself. — $10.58 (hard cover)

What books would YOU recommend? Tell us in the comments section and we might feature your book on a future list!

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