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Here is the final installment of our Summer 2015 Remarkable Reading Recommendations!  We hope you have enjoyed our lists!  Up to this point, all of our posts highlighted different books featured on the Scholastic 2015 Summer Reading Booklist.  Each of our posts also included a book for non-readers all the way through young adults, focused on a different theme.

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For our final booklist, we thought we would do something a little different.  North Coast Education Services proudly presents….

Selection #6 – North Coast’s Best Picks

Chosen by our office staff, these are some of our favorite books.  Many have stood the test of time and have been shared through generations.  We have highlighted both authors and stories and we hope you enjoy our best picks!

B Ramona

Author Spotlight: Beverly Cleary

One of our favorite authors is Beverly Cleary.  She has written dozens of children’s books over the years.  We remember reading such favorites as Ellen Tebbits and the Ralph Mouse books.  Carole’s favorite chapter books belong to her Ramona Quimby series.  “They are hilariously funny,” she said, “and kids can read and learn.  I suggest parents read them to their younger children at five or six.  No need to wait until they can read them.”  The best part of these paperback books is now you can buy them in collection sets so you can enjoy one book right after the other. — $12.98 (paperback collection of the first four Ramona books)

B Curious Incident

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon

The campers of the Creative Education Institute’s Academic Fun & Fitness Camp read this book over the summer.  Published in 2004, this book tells the story of an autistic teen named Christopher who takes it upon himself to discover who is responsible for the death of a neighborhood dog.  The book was written from Christopher’s perspective, so it provides some insight into Christopher’s mind and the unique way he thinks and processes.  A great book for teens! — $7.68 (paperback)


B Strega Nona

Author Spotlight: Tomie dePaola

Tomie dePaola wrote his first children’s book back in the 1960’s.  Since then, he has written more than 100 novels.  Known for his memorable characters and adorable illustrations, dePaola is a prestigious award-winning author and illustrator whose stories are cherished by children.  Young children will enjoy hearing the stories and can grow up to read them themselves.  Among our favorites are Stagestruck and The Knight and the Dragon.  But arguably, his most famous character is the little old “grandma witch” with the magical pasta pot – Strega Nona. — $6.00 (Strega Nona paperback and audio CD)


B A Walk Across America

A Walk Across America by Peter Jenkins

This nonfiction book is a memoir by Peter Jenkins.  In the 1970’s, he set out on a walk across America to learn more about himself and about his homeland.  He tells stories of the people he encountered, the places we passed, and the lessons he learned that are still poignant today.  One of our directors has recommended this book to some of her high school students.  Simply put, “They love it.”  An inspiring read that the entire family will enjoy. — $11.39 (paperback)

B Woods Runner

Author Spotlight: Gary Paulsen

Gary Paulsen has been writing literature for young adults since the 1960’s.  He has more than 200 books to his credit and received an award from the American Library Association for his contributions to American literature.  When it comes to writing, Gary’s strength is in telling stories of adolescents in the wilderness and the life lessons they learn during the experience.  His book, Hatchet, has sold more than 2 million copies.  A Newbury Honor winner, Hatchet inspired a whole series.  We encourage readers to finish the series, but also look into some of his other great works – such as The River, Tracker, and Woods Runner. — $7.99 (Woods Runner hard cover)

B Magic Tree House

Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osborne

In 1992, the world was introduced to Jack and Annie and their magical tree house stocked with books.  Twenty years later, Mary Pope Osborne’s books are still a hit with kids of all ages.  Her books have taken readers all over the world – and even back in time!  There over 50 books in the series and a number of nonfiction companions are also available.  Our staff enjoys this series because it has encouraged so many children to become readers.  The short stories are packed with adventures beyond the reader’s imagination and Osborne has a brilliant skill for turning those thoughts into words. — $2.82 (#1 — Dinosaurs Before Dark paperback)


If you decide to purchase these (or any other) books online, please consider supporting the Creative Education Institute and ordering them through Amazon Prime.  For every purchase you make through Prime, Amazon will make a donation to the non-profile organization, which will go to provide academic services to students in need.


We hope you have enjoyed our Summer 2015
Remarkable Reading Recommendations!
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