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We hope you are enjoying our Remarkable Reading Recommendations for Summer 2015!  Here is our third installment.  All of our posts will highlight different books featured on the Scholastic 2015 Summer Reading Booklist.  Each of our posts will focus on a different theme and will include a book for non-readers all the way through young adults.

Selection #3 – Series

It can be sad when you come to the end of a book.  Luckily, a book series will feature many adventures with the same characters you have grown to love.  Series books are especially good for emerging readers who have a hard time choosing what to read.  Introduce them to a series and there will be plenty more books for them to enjoy!

Ages 0 – 2


Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!, by Mo Willems

This is the first installment in an adorable book series featuring one conniving pigeon.  We think the pigeon is adorable and will quickly become a family favorite.  As a bus driver leaves, he reminds the readers to not let the pigeon drive the bus.  It may seem like a simple request, but the reader is soon to find out that it won’t be that easy.  This interactive book will encourage children to participate and as the pigeon comes up with crazier ideas, prepare for your little one to become much more animated! — $7.50 (paperback)

Ages 3 – 5


The There Was an Old Lady…series, by Lucille Colandro & Jared Lee

Everyone remember the story of the old lady who swallowed a fly.  But did you know she also swallowed a shell, some books, and a clover?  Colandro & Lee have been entertaining readers with their delightful renditions of this bizarre old lady and her peculiar eating habits.  Start your little ones with the classic story and then introduce the fun variations.  (Want a fun family activity?  Help your kids write their own version!) — $6.99 (paperback)

Ages 6 – 7



The Magic School Bus series, by Joanna Cole & Bruce Degen

For over twenty years, children have been delighted by the crazy adventures of the wacky Miss Frizzle and her kids upon the magic school bus.  The Friz takes the kids on one strange field trip after another – from the inside of a hurricane to the beginning of time and even under the sea.  While the TV series is cute, we find the books more entertaining because of the additional knowledge.  Our favorites include …Lost in the Solar System, …in the Time of the Dinosaurs, and …inside the Human Body. — prices vary (paperback)

Ages 8 – 10



Infinity Ring series, by Various Authors

If you have a reader who loves history and adventures, this is the book series you’ve been waiting for!   We enjoy the Infinity Ring series because of the creative way it introduces the reader to historic events.  When two best friends discover the secret of time travel, they learn that history has gone off course and they must save the day.  The series transports the reader to the time of Christopher Columbus, the Vikings, the Underground Railroad, and more.  “Fix the past…save the future!” — prices vary (paperback)

Ages 11 – 13


The Ascendance trilogy, by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Following in the footsteps of The Hunger Games and Divergent comes the Ascendance Trilogy.  When a civil war breaks out in a distant kingdom, a member of the court decides to find an orphan to pose as the long-lost prince in an attempt to unite the divide.  Readers get swept away in a tale of deceit, lies, treason and murder.  We enjoy this series for the intense storylines and we feel that young readers will be compelled to revisit the books again and again. — $7.99 (paperback)

Young Adult


The Selection series, by Kiera Cass

The Selection series allows us to immerse our adult selves into the glamorous world of fairy tales.  Thirty-five girls are Selected to complete for the hand of a prince from a nearby kingdom, whose palace is the target of brutal attacks.  One lucky girl, America, has no desire to go through the Selection, as she has a secret lover and no desire to wear a crown.  That is, until she meets the prince…  Will she survive the televised competition, or bow out to return to her first love? — prices vary (paperback)


What books would YOU recommend?  Tell us in the comments section and we might feature your book on a future list!


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Be on the lookout for the next installment of our reading list – Non-Fiction books!



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