Summer Reading Tip #1 — Make it a Game!

You can find books anywhere you look — stores, libraries, classrooms, even online.  But even with millions of title to choose from, sometimes it can still be difficult to get your student to sit down and read.

Try this trick this summer — play Summer Reading Bingo!

My Sister’s Suitcase posted this cute and customizable reading Bingo card on their blog:

What a creative way to read!

The card is fully customizable so you can adjust the spaces to suit your student’s interests.  (Although, personally, I would love to read in a blanket fort and on the swings!)  At the top of the card, you can enter in the number of minutes your student should spend reading each day — unless the card says otherwise.

Sit down with your student and introduce the card.  (If they are involved, they will be more excited and willing to participate!)  Have your student come up with ideas for the card and how long they think they should spend reading each day.  Then, compromise on a prize!  For a true challenge, make it a “black out Bingo” where your student must complete every task in order to receive a prize.

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