Summer Reading Tip #2 — Make a Floor Pillow

Kids and teens will come up with all sorts of reasons why they cannot read:
“It’s boring.”
“I’d rather be outside.”
“I want to do something more fun.”

Rather than fighting to convince them to read, find a way to make reading a special experience.  Here’s a fun way to make reading enjoyable — make a Floor Pillow together!

DIY Roundup compiled a list of easy floor pillows that you can make at home:


Take a look at the list and decide which pillows you would be able to make.  Then, present your list of pillows to your student and let them choose their favorite.  Keep them involved in the experience — let them pick out the fabric and the trim.  If they’re old enough, allow them to help you make and stuff the pillow.  After you’re done making it, let your student sit on to test it out.

Then the fun begins…your student can only sit on their pillow when they are reading!

This way, the pillow becomes a special privilege.  You can also allow your student to sit on the pillow once their chores or homework is done.  Decide the rules together so they will take more ownership of the opportunity.

Click here to visit DIY Roundup to learn how to make your very own giant floor pillows!

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