Real Life Ma+h

Helping Ohio Students with Problem Solving Skills

North Coast Education’s Real Life Ma+h is a multi-sensory, systematic mathematics program.  It is successful one-on-one, in small groups, and with classes.  Students successfully improve problem solving and computation skills.

Real Life Ma+h uses:

  • Multi-Sensory Learning – teaches computation through the eyes (visual), ears (auditory), touch (tactile), and muscle movement (kinesthetic)
  • Systematic Learning – teaches concepts in an organized, step-by-step approach starting with the simple and moving to the complex

The NCES multi-sensory, systematic approach has been proven extremely effective with individual with learning differences and other struggling learners.

Problem Solving Skills

The importance of problem solving is best described by this quote from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics:

“Knowing mathematics means being able to use it in purposeful ways.  To learn
mathematics, students must be engaged in exploring, conjecturing, and thinking rather than only in rote learning of rules and procedures.”

NCES utilizes Math Solutions by Marilyn Burns to provide problem solving activities.

Workshop Training

Every fall, North Coast Education Services offers workshop training in Richards Learning Systems® and Real Life Ma+h. These workshops are open to tutors, teachers, administrators, intervention specialists, parents, and more.

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“Michelle was creative with her teaching, applying math games and hands-on activities. Michelle reworked her schedule several times to meet our family’s needs over the five months we worked with her…North Coast Tutoring is lucky to have her!”
— Carole, North Royalton