Tutor Spotlight — Ann Martha

This guitar was created by Ann for the 2012 Cleveland Mania benefit.

This guitar was created by Ann for the 2012 Cleveland Mania benefit.

“I believe one should share the gifts one is given
and use them to teach others.”
Ann Martha

It is said that some people have a calling.  They know exactly what they want to do with their lives.  Ann Martha is one of those people.  She knew that she wanted to help others…and she knew she loved art.

Ann Martha went to school for Psychology and Art Therapy.  She went on to receive additional certifications, including medical assisting, Dementia Practitioner, and as a Chemical Dependency Counselor.  Among other careers, she worked as a therapeutic artist for a transitional housing environment for homeless men, where she set up an art studio and organized resident art shows.  It was clear that Ann Martha wanted to help others and change lives.

In 2007, Ann Martha started to teach as an adjunct faculty member at National College, focusing on Psychology, Preparatory English, Ethics, and Human Relations.

The same year, Ann Martha joined North Coast Education Services as a tutor for English, Spanish, Social Studies, History, and Art.  She became certified to teach our Richards Learning Systems ® and started to tutor reading.  It was clear that Ann Martha had a passion for teaching reading.  She did exceptionally well with her students, especially elementary-aged children.

Since working with North Coast Education Services, Ann Martha has still found time to pursue her passion for art.  She worked as a therapeutic art substance abuse counselor and has painted murals and signs for local hospitals.  She has also been a part of art exhibitions at various locations including hospitals, colleges, and the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame & Museum.  Last school year, Ann Martha was able to teach art through North Coast as part of a school district’s after-school enrichment program.

In her spare time, Ann Martha is an avid gardener who loves to sew, travel, and volunteer.  She likes to write poetry and enjoys taking in concerts, movies, and the theatre.  She is a loving mother of three, a grandmother, and a great-grandmother to a little two-year-old girl who already loves to read.  Maybe one day she will be a tutor, too!

Ann Martha has worked with students of all ages (from preschool to the elderly) and they are all quick to praise her.  One student said, “Ms. Ann, you have a great vibe.  You always compliment me [and my work].”  Another student who worked with Ann Martha eventually stopped tutoring, but came back two years later and asked for her again by name.

“I am very proud of being part of the tutoring staff of North Coast Education Services and the excellent training I received,” says Ann Martha.  And Ann, we are very proud of you!  Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and thank you for all of your hard work!


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