Dave H.

Tutor Spotlight — Dave H.

Dave H.

Dave H. has a thirst for knowledge. A dedicated tutor, he has spent many hours in the classroom both as a teacher and a student. As he continues to learn, he enjoys sharing his newfound knowledge with his students.

Born in Poland, Ohio, Dave relocated to Euclid for a job transfer after college. His wife Jean and daughter Meg are also in the education field, both working as music teachers. The family also rescued a miniature poodle named Bailey.

A History of Education

Dave received his bachelor’s degree in education from Youngstown State and earned his teaching license from John Carroll University. Since then, he has also completed many graduate hours at Lake Erie College, specializing in education for a diverse classroom.

In addition, Dave is also a certified paralegal and spent 30 years working in the business management for the home improvement field. Dave is now actively involved in his homeowner’s association and enjoys gardening and home remodeling.

Professional Teaching Career

Dave spent six years teaching at Lutheran East High School and an additional two years at various private and charter schools. One of his favorite teaching stories goes back to his teaching career at Lutheran East:

“When I was teaching an at-risk course…, a quiet young freshman entered my class and sat in the back of the classroom, trying to be unseen. She became one of my best students, signing up for every class I taught. She later went on to become an attorney.”

Dave won the “Teacher of the Year” award from Lutheran East High School in 2001. He is also listed in the “Who’s Who Among American High School Teachers” for 2002 – 2004.

Becoming a Tutor

In 2001, Dave decided to become a tutor. “When I was a student,” said Dave, “I had problems learning and I had no one to turn to for help.” He has many specialties – including social studies, English, sciences and math. Dave also tutors for Advanced Placement (AP) courses, the GED, and the ACT. As a student, Dave said his favorite subjects were biology and history.

In 2004, Dave began to tutor with NCES. According to Dave, his favorite thing about tutoring with NCES is “the situation to work one-on-one with a struggling student and seeing them succeed in life”. Dave tutors extensively with our Home Instruction and private students and has been trained in both Richards Learning Systems® and Real Life Ma+h. In addition, he is a member of the National Tutor’s Association and is a volunteer GED tutor at St. Noel Church.

Tutoring Opportunities with NCES

Interested in tutoring opportunities with NCES? We are always accepting resumes for new tutors. All tutors must have at least a four-year college degree. Active teachers, intervention specialists, and retired teachers are welcome! Click here for more information on our current opportunities.

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