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One of my favorite pieces of literature is the “Anne of Green Gables” series, written beautifully by L.M. Montgomery.  The series introduced us to one of the most beloved characters in all of literature – Anne Shirley, a red-headed orphan with deep thoughts, dreams, and aspirations.  When she moves to Prince Edward Island, she confides that she is looking to find a friend who is a “kindred spirit” – someone who truly understands her.

Here at North Coast Education Services, we have found a kindred spirit of our own…and her name is Ellen.

Born and raised in Ohio, Ellen attended The Ohio State University and studied education.  She went on to earn her Master’s Degree in Early and Middle Childhood Education.  To date, Ellen has 30 years of formal classroom instruction, having spent most of that time in the same district.  In those thirty years, she taught every grade from kindergarten through 7th, finally retiring from classroom instruction in 2012.

This past October, Ellen reached out to North Coast Education Services because she “really missed working with children.”  In the few months we have known her, our staff has realized how special Ellen truly is.  Her unwavering patience and positive attitude have made her a favorite among our families.  One mom indicated that her son could not wait for Ellen to arrive each week.  Another said, “Ellen is a wonderful match for [my son].  We are very blessed to have her.”

Not long after joining North Coast Education Services, Ellen took one of Carole’s workshops and was trained in the Richards Learning Systems ® program.  Growing up, her favorite subject was reading, so it is no surprise that she quickly came to love our short vowel puppets – Miss Alice, Ichabod Ick, Oz, Miss Ellen, and Professor Underwood.  “The short vowel puppets…have delighted students,” said Ellen.  “They really [assist] in over-coming shyness or not feeling confident when answering questions.”

In addition to Richards Learning Systems ®, Ellen was also trained in our Real Life Ma+h program.  She also tutors in science, history, and introductory Spanish.

When she is not tutoring, Ellen has plenty of hobbies.  She enjoys reading, knitting, sewing, and recently joined the Cleveland Hiking Club.  She likes the great outdoors and riding her bike.  Ellen is also a volunteer in her church choir.  She is the mother of twins – an Auto Technology student at Tri-C and a Cavalry Scout in the U.S. Army who is stationed in Germany.  She is also the “mother” of four rescue dogs.

Ellen said her favorite thing about working with North Coast is “having the opportunity to interact with a variety of ages and subject areas.  The [staff is] always accommodating and professional to work with.”  She added, “North Coast Education Services is a top-notch company to work for.  The professional workshops in reading, writing, and math are great advantages for tutors.”

We are so proud and honored to have Ellen as one of our North Coast tutors.  She is passionate, dedicated, and an irreplaceable part of our family.



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