What’s So Great About Summer Tutoring?

After spending nine months in a classroom, many students (and parents) feel that summer tutoring is just too much.  Don’t the kids deserve a break, too?  I firmly believe that kids not only deserve a break, but they need one.  Summer is a great time to engage in physical activities, relax, and just be a kid.


But sometimes, a little extra help can do wonders!  So, what’s so great about summer tutoring?


Summer tutoring…gets you ahead!

Don’t dread the fall – embrace it!  Summer is a golden opportunity to get ready for challenging fall courses.  If your student is taking astronomy in the fall and cannot tell the difference between comets and constellations, consider working with a tutor to get prepared.  By the time class starts, they’ll already be ahead!  Or focus on test taking skills over the summer to reduce anxiety during the school year.


Summer tutoring…keeps you motivated!

The Third Grade Reading Guarantee is now an obstacle on the education road map that many parents are beginning to dread.  But there’s no need!  Work together with your student’s tutor to set a goal for the summer.  Enroll your student in a summer reading program and have the tutor help your student analyze the books.  If your student finishes fifteen books by the end of the summer, they will earn a special privilege when the school year starts.


Summer tutoring…keeps you engaged!

If your student excelled during the year in a particular subject, don’t let the fire die down.  If they loved calligraphy, look for an art class.  How about an independent study involving computers, Spanish, or world history?  The possibilities are endless.


Summer tutoring…helps you catch up!

Students who have been struggling throughout the school year can move ahead with summer tutoring.  Seize the opportunity to spend time focusing on difficult subjects – like math, science, or foreign languages.  Even a few hours a week can make a difference come fall!


Summer tutoring…is focused on you!

Some students have a difficult time during the school year because they suffer from a lack of personal assistance.  In a classroom setting, some students seldom ask for help to avoid embarrassment.  Most summer tutoring is one-on-one, which means your student is the focus of the attention.  Personalized tutoring can provide your student with the support he or she lacks in the classroom.  Your tutor can even show your student tips and tricks to help them succeed – like note-taking techniques or test taking strategies.


Since 1985, North Coast Education Services has been the leader in private in-home tutoring.  Our one-on-one services can be completely customized to fit your student’s needs.  Call us today to find out how we can help your student this summer!


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