Why In-Home Tutoring Is Better Than a Tutoring Center

If a student is struggling in school, it may be time to hire a tutor.

When families start searching for a tutor, a common place to start is a tutoring center. There are many professional companies, as well as local community options. At a glance, it’s a perfect solution to the problem — tutors readily available to help students succeed. But, there are several underlying disadvantages to tutoring centers that may not be obvious to consumers.

Here are four reasons why we believe in-home tutoring is better than a tutoring center:

1. Convenience

An immediate advantage of in-home tutoring is that it takes place in your home. When you register at a tutoring center, you are responsible for transportation to and from the center. Now you have to pick up the kids from school, manage after-school activities, and drive to tutoring. Save time and gas money and let the tutor come to you.

2. Guaranteed One-on-One Support

With in-home tutoring, you are guaranteed to have the undivided attention of the tutor because your student is the only student with the tutor. Many tutoring centers practice a quantity over quality approach. They pair up your student’s tutor with additional students and do not guarantee the other students will be on the same grade level, let alone learning the same subjects. With the tutor now having to teach three students in different courses simultaneously, there is little to no chance your student will receive individualized support.

3. Availability

Tutoring centers are like any other business location — they have operating hours. It can be difficult to schedule time for the tutoring center around your other commitments. But in-home tutoring can fully adjust to your schedule. In-home tutors can be available seven days a week throughout the day, even when the tutoring center is closed. Some tutors may even choose to tutor on holidays.

4. No Obligations

Our services do not require a contract. We cannot speak to whether other in-home tutoring services require a contract or a set amount of hours. Commonly, tutoring centers offer bundle packages where you are required to pay for a pre-assessment, a bulk number of sessions, and a post-assessment. And, if you cancel, it can be difficult to receive a refund.


Each in-home and tutoring center has their way or serving their clients. Before you make any final decisions, be sure to weigh your options carefully. Consider all of the facts and make the best choice for your child. Tutoring centers may be popular, but the “one size fits all” method isn’t right for every student. In-home tutoring is completely tailored to each student’s individual needs for a fully customized experience, including a hand-picked tutor for your specific child.


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