Non-Fiction Comprehension

Helping Ohio Students with Reading Comprehension and Test-Taking Skills.

Non-Fiction Comprehension

Students of the Richards Learning Systems® apply their learning techniques to nonfiction materials. The program teaches outlining, or main idea identification, in reverse. Students learn to extract pieces of information from material, identify their relationship to each other, and relate them to the main idea of the subject material. Learning this skill requires:

  • Subject identification
  • Title/subject connection
  • Main idea/supporting detail connection

Students also learn how to apply these techniques to improve their test-taking skills.

Who Can We Help?

Often students with some learning disabilities, developmental delays, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, or PDD-nos struggle with reading comprehension. They cannot organize the nonfictional text in order to find the main ideas and supporting details. RLS resolves these weaknesses in reading.

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