Parents, Use this Survey to Wrap Up the School Year!

As the school year approaches, teachers may offer advice to parents on how to help their student prepare for the fall.  Parents may also stop and reflect on the school years and things that could have been improved upon.  Your student’s teacher may suggest some additional math practice over the break.  You may think that your student should have spent more time on homework.  But with the hustle and bustle of summer, reminders and advice may disappear.

Parents, in order to help you stay organized this summer, we have created an “End of School Year Survey”.  The purpose of the survey is to reflect on your student’s progress during the academic year and prepare for the fall.  It is designed to help you note successes and struggles, as well as create a plan of action for the summer.

Here is a preview of the survey:

Family Survey

The survey includes questions on academics as well as social achievements.  Did your student struggle with reading during the year?  Take library trips over the summer. Did your student want to participate in band, but missed the opportunity?  Make a note for next year.

We hope you find this survey helpful and beneficial.  By staying organized and planning ahead, your student is sure to have a successful 2015-2016 school year!

Click here to view the End of School Year Survey for Families.



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